Monday, 11 October 2010

Bully boy policemen . . . . . . . . . 08-10-2010

There was something kicking off at Bishop's Stortford Friday night and so I went to investigate.

I was then threatened with arrest by this man because I photographed him in a public park.
He told me it was against the law to photograph him!
When I challenged him on what charge, he responded with the anti-terrorism act!

He pointed a bright torch into my eyes as he continued to interrogate me for quite some time. He wanted my name and address, which I gave him. He wanted to see proof of my ID, but then wouldn't accept a credit card, bank card, photographic membership card, store card etc., as proof of ID. The bright light still burning into my eyes as he wanted to know why I was there, where I had come from etc.,. Threatening all the while to arrest me for photographing them.

He then changed tack and said it was illegal to photograph the under 16 year old's that were in the park????? I explained that I hadn't photographed them yet, but even if I had, it was not illegal to do so!
He then insisted that I delete all the images from my camera, to which I refused. I told him he had no right, but he still insisted. I continued to refuse ............ awaiting imminent arrest by now. He then requested to see the images, which I was happy to do. Only to be disappointed myself with the results............... All this hassle for nought really.

But I would just like to name and shame this man. I don't know who he is and in reality don't want to get acquainted. Not the sort of policeman to be proud of. A bully basically. He saw me as an easy target. A little woman alone, armed with nothing but a camera. WRONG WOMAN TO PICK ON FELLA!

But who is he. He needs to be named and shamed!

What had he got to hide is my biggest question! Apart from who is he?

Whatever, he should NOT be in OUR police force!

Ironically, the policewoman who was with him, suggested that If I really wanted to take take Candid shots, why didn't I go to the fairground within the same park, ........... which would mostly consist of kids under 16 ???????

Handy download regarding photographers rights in the UK