Monday, 22 March 2010

21 again

21 again
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It was my birthday on Saturday and Anne Marie, one of the organisers at the WCPF, got up at 6.30am and made me this surprise cake. It was a surprise too, especially when the candles set off the fire alarms. What a lovely kind gesture of the lady concerned though, and it really made my day. So thank you. Anne Marie, you made being '21 again, a little less painful.
This picture also sums up my week consisting of many surprise gifts and special moments. I have been very fortunate, thank you to all my special friends and family.

More Presents

More lovely presents from my dear friends at work. I am a very lucky lady to have such wonderful work colleagues that I can also call close friends too. Thank you all.

Thank you Lucretia, Clive and Skye

Was away for my birthday and so these were sent to my place of work. The flowers are beautiful and fancy chocolates to die for.